Welcome to Podiant API’s documentation!


Podiant API is a Django app for generating JSON-API-compliant API endpoints. It has been tested in Django v1.11 and v1.2.

To install it, simply run:

pip install podiant-api

Then add the app to your settings:



This project is an open source portion of the Podiant podcast hosting product. Its podiant- prefix is just a naming convention, and this package should be useful in any Django project that you want to extend with an API, but don’t necessarily want or need the batteries that the Django REST Framework includes.

This package is maintained by Mark Steadman.


Life’s too short, so this package is available under the WTFPL – Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License.

Fork it

The code is hosted at git.steadman.io because reasons, but is publicly available and you should feel free to add a GitHub origin of your own and push changes there.

I use GitLab day in and day out but haven’t yet done much in the way of accepting merge requests from outside developers (only developers internal to the projects I’ve worked on), however I’m happy to look at them. Possibly the best way to discuss that is to find me on Twitter, @iamsteadman.

Anything wrong or missing?

If I’ve missed something in the documentation, or if something’s broken, find me on Twitter, @iamsteadman and we’ll talk about it. If it’s a problem that affects the Podiant product, then it’ll likely get fixed pretty quickly. If it’s something more esoteric, it might take a little longer as my primary commitment is to building the Podiant platform.

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